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TS2424 Fence Problems

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  • TS2424 Fence Problems

    For the last 5 or 6 months I have been having trouble keeping my fence stright.I keep adjusting ( and yes the bolts are still good and tight ) according to the book but it will not stay put. I always have to set the front with the back then hold it there then lock it down. Tonight I was adjusting it again and noticed when I push the fence against the rails and go to lock it down that the front moves when I lock it. Nothing looks bad or wore,anybody else have this problem or know what the cure might be? Thats the reason I got rid of my old saw because I always had to adjust the fence before I made a cut.

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    Just a guess, but I'd check to make sure that the rails are parallel. Did you carefully follow the procedure in the set-up instructions re: shimming the back rail?


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      Yes that all correct, I rechecked the rails a couple of weeks ago. I've had the saw for about 3 years now and its been cutting perfect up until about 6 months ago


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        I sorta had the same problem with my fence, some how it got out of square after a while of using it. It seems like the front rail on the right side was in too far. I ended up cutting a shim or two out of a coke can and brought the rail out where it should be. Since then it has been smooth cutting.



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          OK I will double check my rails ,maybe thats my problem Thanks