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Router Table for TS3612

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  • Router Table for TS3612

    I just finished assembly of my new 3612. Best saw I ever owned. Anyone know of a good router table made to fit in the space between the fence rails on the right side?

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    Think you'd have to build one for a tight/accurate fit between the rails. There's lots of information out there on this. Don't forget to set it up so you can use it (with fence behind the bit) from the end of the extension table---i.e., facing back, towards the side of the blade). Leaning over, from you normal saw operating position can be real fatiguing, if not unsafe.

    I had a ts-mounted router table and frankly never used it very much, due to set up time. Unless space is a problem, you should think about a dedicated router table.


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      I built a router table to go in the space at the right of the 3612, aligned so that it doesn't interfere with the use of the saw if I lower or remove the router bit, and so that I can use the saw fence with the router when appropriate.

      It works so well that I haven't used my old (homemade) router table since I got the 3612. The table consists of a piece of wood to slide in the front rail groove, and a piece that overlaps the back rail by about 1/2 inch. For the surface I used 1/2 inch baltic birch, aligned even with the surface of the table saw, but that wasn't rigid enough, so I had to reinforce it. I suspect 3/4" plywood would work with far less reinforcement. A small c-clamp on the bottom holds it firmly to the web of the saw table. Cost and time to build were both minimal.