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    I'm looking at purchasing the TP1300 Planer from Home Depot and have heard Ridgid is no longer making it. Is this just a rumor? Will Ridgid stand behind it if I purchase it. It sure has had good reviews and I like the ease of using it.
    Thanks! Tami

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    I don't know if it's discontinued or not but the HD that I go to hasn't had the Ridgid jointer on display for quite some time now, say maybe 6-8 months. It's still shown on this website as a current tool though.

    I agree that the reviews have been very favorable on this jointer so it would be hard to believe that it has been discontinued. However, before you buy, you might want to ask the clerk at your HD if they stock the replacement knives for the jointer. When the HD here did stock the jointer, they never did stock the replacement knives.
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      Planer or Jointer?


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        DOH! [img]redface.gif[/img] I read planer and thought jointer. I was talking about the jointer and not the planer. The Ridgid planer is stocked at the local HD and they even stock the knives now, they didn't awhile back but do now.

        Even though the features on the Ridgid planer aren't as up to date as some others, Delta and DeWalt to name two, it basically gets high marks when it comes to performance. You'll probably be very happy with the Ridgid but I'd at least take a look at the DeWalt DW735, DeWalt DW734 or the Delta 22-580.
        I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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          The TP1300 is still being made and it is an excellant planer. I have had mine for several years without a single problem
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            Tami- I’ve had a TP1300 for two years now. No problems with it and no problems recommending it. There have been several threads on this board comparing the Ridgid and other planers (you can use the search function to find them). One of the biggest selling points for me is the knowledge that Home Depot and Ridgid will stand behind their equipment.

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              I've had mine about 2 years. no problems. I've yet to see a single HD stock the knives though.


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                The availability of replacement blades comes up a lot. My local Home Depot has them in stock. The SKU is 358-845. If you call a store and give them this number, they can check the computer system to see if it in stock.

                As a side note to prospective buyers, the blades are reversible and a second set of blades is included with the planer.