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Ridgid takeover was obviously well planned!

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  • Ridgid takeover was obviously well planned!

    HD does not like ridgid because of high price point(compared to ryobi), but they like their name. HD gets long term contract to be sole retailer for Ridgid. Ridgid is privately owned and probably does not have the management and lawyers that HD does. Ridgid gets screwed in the contract with no way out.
    HD gives alot of display space and maintainance to Ryobi; minimal space and zero care to Ridgid. Ridgid sales go down, loyal Ridgid customers get fed up with HD(they don't buy Ryobi anyway, and never will), HD does not care if they lose these few customers. HD wants to stick the Ridgid name on Ryobi made tools(same design as Ridgid,cheap components) and increase the profit margin. The incompetent management at Ridgid sells Ridgid ww to Ryobi.
    If anyone thinks this is farfetched, it is not. Ryobi and HD certainly had this goal in mind, if not the way to accomplish this. I cannot wait for a Lowes to open in Los Angeles, they will get all my business.

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    Ridgid is privately owned and probably does not have the management and lawyers that HD does.

    I'm not sure what gave you that impression, but Ridgid is a brand name subsidiary owned by Emerson, who had about $14 billion in total sales last year compared to Home Depot's $58 billion. Granted, there is a big difference there, but I think with $14B in sales, Emerson probably has plenty of lawyers and management. As for the competency of those lawyers and managers, well, I'll leave that up to you to decide.


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      Adding to Stuart's information, Emerson is EMR on the New York Stock Exchange...



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        So what does Lowe's do better than HD? I live near Lowe's and find stuff I really need at well stocked local hardware and/or local lumber yard.
        (Not forced to buy a packet of ? for 89 cents.)
        Can buy individual screws. Not impressed with Lowe's low end Delta power tools either. Got my Ridgid BS1400 after talking with a knowedgeable HD who owned one himself.


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          I'm sure Emerson has plenty of lawyers around. Which, as a matter of fact, begs a question I've been thinking about since this whole matter came to light. Has anyone else considered that this could be connected to, or the result of the "Sears Sues Emerson Electric" news, which came out last August? To refresh your memory here's an URL to the story:

          Sears Sues Emerson Electric

          I haven't seen anything yet that's more, or less, likely........... Just wondering?

          The whole deal is a bummer, with the reported lack of warranty support and related parts questions at the top of the list.



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            John - that's an interesting point that I had forgotten about. I wonder how the case turned out or if it's still working its way through the court system.