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Sale -- Gross Stabil Pc-2 Parallel Clamps

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  • Sale -- Gross Stabil Pc-2 Parallel Clamps

    An email I received


    First let me apologize to those who feel two eCLUB broadcasts in one week is too many. It might be but we wanted to let all of you in a deal that's hard to pass up. First a little background. Bessey recently purchased the clamping business of Gross Stabil. Not sure of all the details but both of these companies make some awesome, high quality clamps. Although Bessey's K-Body Parallel Jaw Clamps have an outstanding reputation for performance, Gross Stabil engineered what may have been the only truly competitive clamp of the same or higher caliber than the K-Body. In fact, some would argue the German made PC-2, with 1,100 pounds of clamping force, is a better clamp. I don't know enough about the technical differences to give an opinion; I just know that the PC-2 clamps are of unbelievably high quality, at least in my book. So here's the deal, Bessey will no longer be manufacturing the Gross Stabil PC-2 clamp and are in the process of unloading their inventory. That's where the good deals come in. From what we understand, their inventory is limited and is being sold off on a first come first served basis. That's the reason for annoying you with another broadcast. So if you want a top notch, German made clamp, here's your chance. One more thing, we haven't previously carried the PC-2 clamps, so the regular price listed below is what we found on various web sites. Suggested retail is probably higher. CLOSE OUT SALE GROSS STABIL PC-2 PARALLEL CLAMPS PRODUCT NUMBER CAPACITY* REG PRICE eCLUB SAVE COUPON CODE
    13B-PC2.12S 12” $45.95 $19.95 $26 PC26
    13B-PC2.18S 18” $46.95 $21.95 $25 PC25
    13B-PC2.24S 24” $48.95 $23.95 $25 PC25
    13B-PC2.32S 32” $51.95 $26.95 $25 PC25
    13B-PC2.40S 40” $55.95 $28.95 $27 PC27
    13B-PC2.48S 48” $59.95 $29.95 $30 PC30
    13B-PC2.60S 60” $64.95 $31.95 $33 PC33
    *All PC-2 Clamps have a 3-1/2” throat. As you may have noticed, you're paying less than 50% of the current street price. Clamps will ship beginning Tuesday August 7th, 2007.

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    Re: Sale -- Gross Stabil Pc-2 Parallel Clamps

    Those look like really nice clamps. One question is, would they sit up on their own? The K-body's have that nifty foot on the far end that helps support them upright. I find that to be a very handy feature when gluing up panels. Does anyone have any of these and want to post a quick review?
    I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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      Re: Sale -- Gross Stabil Pc-2 Parallel Clamps

      Wood Magazine has a tool test of parallel jaw clamps in their September 2007 , issue #178. The Gross Stabil PC2 clamps are included in the review. You all may find it interesting.
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