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    I was hoping to get some info from people who have grizzly products in their Shops. I am thinking of purchasing the G0555(bandsaw),G7944(drill press),and the G1028z(dust collector) any info will help, problems, etc. etc.

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    Dude. This is a RIDGID Forum. Buy the RIDGID bandsaw and drill press. Mine work great!

    I don't know what the pricing is on the Grizzly equipment but, the Ridgid equipment is "ripe for the picking". Bandsaws at $250 to $300,and Drill Press between $200 and $250...

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    keep makn\' sawdust!...just don\'t breath any.


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      Hey Greg, I know this is a Ridgid forum but why buy a 500-600 cfm DC for $250 when you can buy an
      1100-1300 cfm DC for the same money. Anyway there are no deals in Ankeny Iowa HD stores. Most of the old stuff is gone and the old stuff still there is still priced normal.I am so far a loyal Ridgid consumer but since the company change over I have not been at all impressed (customer service). Sorry I just want the best bang for my buck.

      Thanks, Jason


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        Tuff, I'm with ya 100%. Just funnin' ya a bit. Sometimes I suffer from excess personality. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

        You're response does capture some of my frustration regarding the inconsistent pricing of these RIDGID tools at the HD's. You've got to work hard, and be willing to drive a bit,(and flat out lie!) to find the same deals that others have mentioned in this forum.

        I do like the RIDGID band saw and Drill Press.(the BS could use another 1/4 HP) I'm a hobbiest though, meaning my requirements are not as stringent as others may be. They do everything I need them to do. I haven't used any Grizzly equipment so, can't offer you any info there.

        I am also researching Dust Collection. 1100 CFM is the lowest volume I am considering. (Check out the Harbor Freight items).

        Hope I didn't anger you too badly. Glad to see you're passionate about woodworking. ...besides, I like orange better than green

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        keep makn\' sawdust!...just don\'t breath any.


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          I purchased the G0555 in the spring, it has seen limited use thus far but I have no complaints. I did not get the riser so I can’t speak on how well it will perform on thick wood, but it will resaw 5.5” lumber no problem. The Blade Tensioning Quick Release feature is really nice, I’d include that as a must in any saws that make it to your short list. With all the standard features it has and the included fence, I thought it was the best value out there and I have no regrets buying it.

          Good luck



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            I have the G0555 bandsaw and have no complaints. It's a great tool and good value for the money. I've had it for about 9 months and have cut hardwood, softwood, plastic, etc. The fence that comes with it is particularly nice.


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              First for fairness... My Ridgid jointer and table saw are far better than those I saw at Grizzly. And I wish I had the Ridgid planer rather than my Delta.

              But I do have the Grizzly 2 HP dust collector (their bags are terrible, but the unit is fine), and I sold my Jet bandsaw today and ordered a new Grizzly.


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                I've got Grizzly's 16" bandsaw and 14"X40" lathe. (I got them just to break up the color scheme in the shop.) They both do an adequate job. Customer service is responsive and easy. I had a little trouble with the bandsaw, but it's OK now. Gonna get the 2 horse DC soon. I also want the big oscillating spindle sander.
                In the interest of full disclosure, other machines:
                table saw (2424), jointer, 13" planer
                disc/belt sander
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                  I have the G0555 bandsaw. It's a very good value. It has good power and comes with a pretty good fence. I bought a couple of timber wolf blades and they cut through hardwood like butter. I don't know about the other tools form Grizzly but I 've heard good things about their cabinet saws.


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                    Hi, I bought the G0555 with the riser kit and it is a great deal. I have several Grizzly tools and all of them seem just as to almost as good as my Jet, Delta, and Dewalt tools. FYI, if you are familiar with Harbor Freight Tools they sell a 1600 CFM 2 hp dust collector for 199 that I bought and it is great. Actually they have put it on sale twice now for $105, which is what I got it for. Seems almost identical to the Grizzly G1029 when I went and looked at it. Can't beat it.


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                      The Grizz DC is great but I too would say look at HF one. On sale for $149-use both of them, to lazy to extend ducting another 40' so 2 was easier. Think the Griz has a little more cfm but only by whisker. I've never run 2 machines on at same time on either so that I have no info on. IMO - $149 plus new .5 bags equals about $192. Not a thing priced close out there. Have used both maybe 400 hours-motors fine.
                      Grizz BS a sweety, get riser. Alternative is the HF one at $219-needs link belt and blade. Other than that nice unit. Depends on your useage-heavy do the Grizz, not go HF. Like them both.
                      DP-I too am looking for replacement for a crapsman that shall become a bird feeder


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                        For teh Drill press, I'd say to go with teh Ridgid if possible. It's gotten good marks in tests.

                        the Bandsaw is a toss up, but for the money, I think the grizzly would be a good choice.

                        The dust collector is almost personal preference. So many paople add different bags, garbage cans, ducting with various bends, and other performance changing items that I don't think you could get a fair assessment from anyone. I'm getting a Delta, but that's what fits my wallet and criteria right now. (has been recommended to me)


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                          I've read positive comments about the Griz' band saw and their 1023 cabinet saw---but everything else are mixed reviews. Personally, I'd prefer Ridgid or other tools that I can actually see before hand.

                          I did order one tool, sight unseen, based on good reviews----the Penn State DC 1-XB dust collector. It's been great.


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                            I have the Grizzly bandsaw,jointer and Dust collector. They all work great and I have no complaints. Would purchase again if the need arises.


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                              daveferg - you state "mixed" reviews on 'other" grizzley products but no specifics. Makes me wonder what - never seen a negative on their DC except Bill P. that not big enough to power his monster cyclone. users love the jointers, sanders in everything I have read. Well-maybe once a grumpy post or two but heck thats to be expected. Reviews always good.
                              Where is this negative stuff at?