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    Just got a new PC690 for Xmas. It seems everytime I start out I get a little burn mark. Can anybody tell me what I might be doing wrong
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    You are hesitating on the start. Most commonly, burning occurs when the router lingers in one spot, heat builds up very quickly because it isn't cutting. Odd to believe, but the wood chips are the major heat dispersal method.

    Try moving the router in the direction you want to go, before actually meeting the wood (if that makes any sense at all).

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      Usually caused by not moving the router along at a good steady speed. You can't go too fast but you can't go too slow. If you go to slow or pause at points, it can allow heat to build up in an instant and make those marks. The feed rate varies with with the material you are cutting on and the bit that you use. But don't get discouraged. That will go away quickly with a little practice.


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        You didn't say where the burn was, but this often happens with round-over bits that have a fixed (non-rotating) pilot. Use the ones with ball-bearing rings wherever possible. Then follow the prior suggestions.