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hats off to ridge tool and jake

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  • hats off to ridge tool and jake

    Last friday I had the unfortunate happen to me. My ridge tool Laser bullet level lost the red lense and wouldn't shoot the red beam of light.

    I live 10 minutes from the Ridge service center. I brought my level up to take advantage of the guarantee for life. I was treated with the utmost courtesy, and swiftness. They took my personal information, and necessary phone no.'s and gave me a time of completion. I had the opportunity to look around from where i stood and there were people, some whistling, some bobbing their heads to music, and smiling, but all dilligently working.

    one technician was passing and I asked if i may see the new slide miter saw. He said other than in training, he hasn't seen one either. That would mean that they haven't had to service any of them yet. That is a good thing IMHO.

    Nice facilities, nice happy folks felt good walking in and walking out too.

    Hats off to ridgid.

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    Thanks for the kudos! Since you thanked me I wish I could say I personally responsable for the service centers, but I'm not. I'll pass it on that you were pleased with the service.



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      picked up my laser level today, just like ridge said i could. If their service is this good on a small little laser level what must it be like on all of their other products.

      I confess that I only have one ridgid WWorking tool, the rest are Dewalt, however the last tool i have purchased was a Ridgid 12' miter saw, and i will be replacing all of my tools as they go to the tool heaven in the sky.

      Did i miss it or hasn't Ridgid come out with a complete cordless hand power tool line?

      Waiting for the batteries guys.

      Thanks for everything Ridgid


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        i asked a similar question some time ago but mine was about ridgid making corded tools. i hope i am not speaking out of line, but i was told some time ago that ridgid had no intension of entering the hand held power tool market.