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  • Blood stains

    So I'm assembling my new TS2424-1. At the point where you turn it right-side-up after attaching the legs, I get one of the kids to help me get it down from the sawhorses. Rip about a 3/4 inch slice in my thumb from a burr on one of the extension tables.

    How do you get blood stains out of cast iron?

    Seriously, the assembly process is easy compared to some of the tools I've bought. The instruction are simple to follow and the hardware is labled well. Holes line up; surfaces match. Hope this thing cuts as well as it looks.
    It\'s all in the name: Bucheron (FR)= woodchopper

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    I had to clean my table saw after I was cut on the tablesaw. Nothing serious just a bandaid took care of it. to clean the saw try sopa and water, or wd40. Worse caes oven cleaner. Bucheron is the jell coating still on top of the saw?
    Andy B.


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      Yeah, the goo is still on the table. The post about the bloodstain was meant to warn others about the sharp edges and to be careful. I see the stains now as a reminder; I'm leaving them.

      On the other hand, last night I spent about 2 hours trying to get the blade parallel to the miter slot. It came out of the box .014" heeled away from the slot at the rear. I tried to follow the instructions to correct it, but the "micro-adjust" setscrews suck; totally useless. I finally just got out my "half-thou" hammer and tapped the trunions into place.

      My Starret dial indicator says the blade provided by Ridgid has .006" total runout (goes from +.001" to -.005"). Is that amount of "bend" normal, or should I immediately change to a real sawblade? Although, still haven't cut any wood with the saw; the motor's not even attached yet. LOL.

      Really like the Herculift thingy. That was the top selling point for me on the 2424, since my shop is tiny - 16'X16'. Nice to be able to move the saw around. Had to build a cradle for the last saw, just not as nice as the Ridgid design.

      Maybe this weekend, if I can get the rest of the assembly done, I'll visit the big orange box store and get some plywood and oak and start making chips.
      It\'s all in the name: Bucheron (FR)= woodchopper


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        Most likely the screws where not all the way in yet. When they set this saw up at the factory they use a jig. The micro-adjust screws are only driven far enough to keep them in the casting. You will need to screw them the rest of the way in. Usually the screw will be completely recessed into the trunion before it begins moving anything. I agree it does take a while to thread in the first time, but from then on if you ever need to make an adjustment you will only need to make a slight turn to the screw.

        .006 runout on the blade is well within the normal spec. Most blades of the quality that come with the table saw have a runout between 5 - 10 thousands, couple that with the runout of the arbor (.001 x the radius of the blade) and you can have almost .015 runout. That’s an extreme case and not very likely. Even the best blades, say Forrest for example, have about .002 runout.

        On woodworking machines the ultimate test is how well it cuts, no matter what a dial indicator may say.