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  • Brand New 3650

    Just finished setting up my new 3650. Here are some comments from a radial arm saw user since 1976.
    First of all, the posters on this board are extremely helpful. I read thru everything before opening the carton. Assembly of the saw was easy (especially with the tips) but the leg set and the caster set was a nuisance.
    The saw needed very little alignment and cut beautifully on the first try. I hooked up a shop-vac to the sawdust chute and it worked very well.
    The mixture of metric and SAE nuts-and-bolts is screwy but you gotta' live with it.
    The leg stand is weak but I am going to try the washer fix suggested by another poster.
    The value for the money is great, especially since I used a 10%-off "friends-and-family" coupon at my local HD.
    I also bought the band saw at the same time using the coupon and got the saw for $269 (excluding tax).
    The one thing that can't be beaten is the lifetime warranty which I assume is the tool's, not mine. What other company is crazy enough to offer that?
    Overall, very satisfied and will keep evryone updatd as I gain more experience.

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    Yea 10% off is cool, I planed my purchase (3650)to coincide with buying stuff for my clients. Total amounted to 2k so; I got 200 off the saw.
    Not a bad hey?
    No Bull Dust Just Saw Dust


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      I purchased a ts3650 a few weeks ago, and I completely agree with jjj2. Although there are quirks related to assembly (at what point did they say to themselves "Yeah, let's mix metric and SAE....that's a great idea!") , I have been very pleased with the saw. The alignment was great right out of the box, and with only a few minor adjustments was ready to go. I have cut several different types of stock just to see what the saw could do, and I haven't had any problems so far. For the money, I am really pleased with the saw.