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Oil Your Motor??

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  • Oil Your Motor??

    I'm no expert on various motors and types, but since, like me, there seem to be a number of old Craftsman table saw owners, who hang out here, I'd thought I'd pass along a recent "discovery."

    My 13 year old Craftsman is essentially an earlier version of the 2424/3612, without all the neat features, added over the years.

    I was starting to find some bogging, even with a new blade, and frequent breaker trips. Granted, I was cutting 8/4 oak, but I'd even noted some slowing on 3/4" plywood. Anyway, I checked the alignment, cleaned the blade and blew the sawdust out of the motor---nothing worked.

    I dug out the old instruction sheet, for the motor, looking for specs, since I was planning on replacing it. While finishing a cup of coffee, I re-read the maintenance section and read past the statement that it was lubricated at the factory---where I usually would stop reading---

    Well, turns out that the motor needs periodic oil on the bearing bushings. Went out to the shop and there they were--two oil ports. I got out the oil can and later, fired up the saw----cut like a champ---no breaker trips, etc. In fact, now, a week later, the oil has penitrated further and it cuts even better.

    Anyway, I don't know if the new motors need this servicing. I'm only pointing it out so you can take a close look at your own motors---worth a look.

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    Good catch! I just bought a new 3612 and gave my old Craftsman to my son. It had started to slow down a bit. When I get home tonite, I'll mosey on over to his place and check out the motor lube possibility. (BTW, have you seen dicklaxt around here anywhere?)


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      Good point Dave,

      Now for those of you who were wondering, the TS3612 motor is a ball bearing motor, and therefore needs no lube (this applys to the TS2424 also). The TS2412 has one ball bearing and one bushing. There is an oil port on the end of the motor opposite the ouput shaft.



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        Thanks for the info Jake. How about the TP600.


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          I assume you mean the JP0600. That motor is a TEFC motor and has ball bearings at both ends. The same is true for the JP0610.



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            Thanks for the run-down Jake. I suspected that newer models didn't use this system---mainly posted for us die-hard Emerson/Craftsman owners. BTW---amazing what a few drops of oil will do. As the days have gone on, the motor has become stronger yet. Darn---guess I'm never going to have an excuse for a new saw