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Router Tables: Which one is Best?

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  • Router Tables: Which one is Best?

    Which router table is best?

    Bench Dog, WoodRat, home's a zoo of information out there and everybody has an opinion. I just bought the Ridgid 2.25hp router combo and need to get it mounted.

    I think cast iron tables can't be beat by any other material. I've never seen a table saw made out of anything other than cast iron.

    Looking for strong and experienced recommendations from the crowd here. I have budgeted up to $450 for a router table. I would like to mount it to my Ridgid TS3650 on the right side of the table extension (maybe build extra support)

    Thanks in advance for your time.

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    Re: Router Tables: Which one is Best?

    Congrats on your 2930 purchase. You will not be disappointed.
    As to the router table, there are lots of options. A cast top is rock solid, but with that you have what you have. If done correctly, a shop made top is as solid and stable as you need and you can customize it to your needs and upgrade it as your skill and needs change. I would suggest that you spend the lions share of your table budget on a good fence and guide system. There are many brands and style to choose from, pick one that suits your needs. There are many threads here that discuss various ones.
    When I made my top I used
    Choose the "35265 Plate for Porter Cable 7529/690/693, Makita, Bosch & DeWalt*" It will fit your router perfectly.
    Also, if you will be using it as a jointer. There are lots of track sytems available. You really won't need one of the router lifts, as your router can be adjusted through the table.
    This thread also has a bit of useful info
    Good luck and happy routing.
    ‎"I've never let my schooling interfere with my education" -Mark Twain


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      Re: Router Tables: Which one is Best?

      Thanks, Jack...good advice (do you work for Ridgid?)

      Just got off the phone with Bench Dog. I ordered the....
      ....PROMAX ROUTER TABLE EXTENSION from Benchdog for $307 (actually ordered it from Woodworkers Supply).

      I feel good about this purchase. One could spend that much in wood trying to build a router table. This cast iron table will attach both right or left (have to drill holes for the right side) and comes with a plate and fence.

      In my world, I have products to produce and want to get up to speed right away. It's been time consuming with our shop tool upgrade project. We've been at it for over a month now. I've wasted a thousand bucks in time spent just researching which darn saw, router, table, fence, etc. to get.

      p.s. The Osborne EB3 was the best purchase so far. The TS3650 is sweet, too. Next purchase will most likely be the WoodRat.
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        Re: Router Tables: Which one is Best?

        Congrats on the router table! I have the ProMax router table mounted the left side of my 3650. I couldn't be happier about that purchase.

        Two additional items I'd suggest:
        The Bench Dog PowerLoc. It attached very nicely and easily to the edge of the rail or table extension, and saves the hassle and danger of reaching under the router table to turn your router on and off. There are a variety of after market power switches, but I think this one is phenomenal.

        The aluminum ProPlate. I don't know if you do any non-fence router work (freehand, templates, etc) but the aluminum plate has a few extra features the phenolic does not: a starter pin hole, and the ability to attach a bit guard for free routing (called the ProGuard).

        Enjoy the ProMax, it's truly a quality addition to any workshop (and no, I don't work for BenchDog! But I do sincerely value their products).


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          Re: Router Tables: Which one is Best?

          Originally posted by dzblack View Post
          Thanks, Jack...good advice (do you work for Ridgid?)
          No, Idon't work for Ridgid, just happy with the productsI have purchased.

          Let us know how it works out for you.

          ‎"I've never let my schooling interfere with my education" -Mark Twain


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            Re: Router Tables: Which one is Best?

            Gentlemen...thanks for your posts throughout this board, and here with this thread. This forum is extremely helpful. And you guys are the heart and soul of it.