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    Does anyone have any good experiences with Hitachi power tools.

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    I used to work with a guy that had a Hitatchi SCMS...he'd had it for many years and loved it.
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      I have a Hitachi CMS. Bought about 4 years ago when I was finishing my basement. I saw it recommended in a review somewhere, but can't remember where. I've mostly used it for framing cuts and did some molding with it also. Seems like a very well made tool for the price, but I havent' used it for "real" woodworking so I can't comment on the finer points. I picked up a used Workmate for $10 and bolted the saw to it. Works great at that height and runs like a champ. Not a single complaint here.


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        I love my Hitachi M12V high power plunge router. It is far better than the first brand I bought, that I took back within the "no questions asked return" period. The Hitachi came with more accessories, and was cheaper to boot. That's a great combination.


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          I bought the M12V about a year ago to mount in a router table. Have used it to make several raised panel doors and several other items. Very pleased with it. Great tool even at a much higher price. A professional woodworker friend has had the M12V for several years and uses it almost daily. His testimony convinced me to get one.
          Vince in NW NC


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            I agree with you guys. I have just purchased a Hitachi M12v this week and mounted on my router table. This baby is really nice. I'm very pleased. A friend of mine has two of these. One he has had for over eight years and he uses it every day! Rout On!