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Miter Saw Wisdom Needed Again

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  • Miter Saw Wisdom Needed Again

    Well went looking to buy the miter saw tonight leaning towards Rigid and when I got there they had 12 inch Dewalt for a bit cheaper but no free table or lock for holding down the piece you cut. But Dewalt is giving you a free orbital sander with it. Now I don't know what to do came home scratching my head. Any advice would be appreciated. Going to have to buy one soon as I have a large job to do. Taker easy George
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    I guess it depends on how much value you see in the stand and hold down. I use my hold down a good bit, but not the stand. I found the stand less than portable if you have a small shop. I built a mobile cabinet for mine with casters so I could wheel it in and out of my work closet out into the carport when I need to use it.

    On the flip side, I also have the dewalt ROS that comes in the Dewalt package deal and I am very pleased with it.

    I'd say you have quite a delima there. Even if Ridgid scales back their warranty to the three or five years I have seen tossed around on the boards, it is still better than Dewalt, which is only a year, if memory serves me.
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      I built a stand on castors for my dewalt 12". I'd go in and mess with the saws. See what you like more about how they feel, work the swivels etc...


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        I'd have to say that the biggest decision maker would be ease of adjustment on the saw. the stand is nice, and if you keep it in the same place it is great. The only thing I don't like about it is that it is too wide. (my shin keeps hitting the stretcher) I did not know the DeWalt came down in price. They have the Ridgid here now for $269 with teh DeWalt being $299.


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          If it helps any, the Dewalt material hold-down (the one from the top) costs $35 extra (I believe). It is a nice piece of machinery (it is a screw clamp with a quick-release button that disengages the screw threads). It is not really needed though. I only use it for very small pieces. I went 2 years without it before I got it as a christmas present (probably wouldn't have spent my own money on it). There is also another hold-down that holds the work against the fence. Dewalt sells these for $25 or so but you can make one with a scrap of wood, hand drill, a bolt, and a wing nut.

          The other thing I would recommend if you go with the Dewalt is making a zero clearance insert (I don't know if the Ridgid already comes with one). You can do it with 1/4" hard wood since Dewalt doesn't sell ZCI's. I use the same one for straight and angled cuts since the gap grew very little doing this. The biggest difference with the ZCI wasn't just chipout but I can excatly line my cuts up since the gap in the ZCI shows me where the blade is going.