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  • Working with mdf

    Does anyone have some advice for an inexperienced newcomer on fastening / jointdesign ect. I think in metal alot easier
    than wood !! Can't find pine , oak , mdf filler wire for my wirefeed ! I plan on dado/rabit type
    joints with glue and clamp or drywall screws in this material. My wife wants new kitchen cabinets
    white paint with oak face frame and door edges.
    I would sure appreciate any suggestions.
    thanks. Dave W.

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    I know a lot of guys hate MDF but I have started to use it and like it. The only real draw back is it is heavy. It really routs nice.

    Making cabinets I would dado or rabbet every joint and use a good wood glue. If you use screws pre drill every hole. I also found that in many cases I had to countersink the back side of the hole to allow room for the push through so the two surfaces fit tight.

    I have had real good luck with glue and brad nails to hold everything until the glue dries.

    I try to figure my cuts out and then when I buy MDF I try to get the seller to make my initial cuts so I don't have to try to horse around a full sheet of the stuff.

    Many complain about dust but I have found if I have my vac connected to the tool on the cut most of the dust is caught.

    I will say if I was building cabinets for the wet areas like a kitchen I would think also of using cabinet grade plywood. It would be more expensive but it will be there long after the MDF in most cases.
    Rev Ed


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      I like to apply a coat of glue & let it dry then recoat when ready to start glue up. A lot of the first coat goes into the mdf & this method let's more glue sit up & do it's job IMHO.