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Do You Need A New 6" Dado Set

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  • Do You Need A New 6" Dado Set

    For anyone thinking of pulling the trigger on a Freud SD206 dado set, Amazon currently has it on sale for $63.74 delivered. I've been waiting for this set to go on sale again and ordered one this AM.
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    Re: Do You Need A New 6" Dado Set

    thanks for pointing this deal out..exactly what i have been looking for. is there any advantage to a 8" set over a 6" set? this will work quite fine for what i am looking to accomplish..mainly dadoing grooves for bookcase shelves or making rabbet corners for drawers etc.


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      Re: Do You Need A New 6" Dado Set

      the only use I've seen is for tenons to cut the cheek out so you don't need to setup the tablesaw twice. 6" is better for smaller tablesaws. I wouldn't recommend 8" unless you have a 3hp tablesaw. More mass to move.
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        Re: Do You Need A New 6" Dado Set

        I read this post and immediately went to
        I ordered the 6" dado blade and I'm very pleased with the results.
        I use an older Delta direct drive 10" table saw as a dedicated dado saw.
        I was using an 8" dado blade but the motor at times would struggle.

        Using the 6" dado blade I find the cuts are smooth [nice bottom!] and the saw never struggles.
        Thanks for the heads up.

        Cactus Man