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    I am studying/researching bandsaws for a pending purchase. I have 'authorizarion' to get a bandsaw for my humble garage workshop. I have been without a real bandsaw since I have a 'toy' 10" saw now, so anything will be a BIG improvement.

    I am trying to decide whether I need to go with an 18" with 2 hp (higher price, of course) or a 14" with 3/4 - 1 hp.

    I am interested in hearing from experienced bs'ers (no offense intended) on the capabilities of re-sawing with the BS1400 with the riser. Is is possible to make an accuruate re-saw of an 11" thick peice of hardwood? I have been reading about the necessity of having a minimum of 1hp motor to do re-sawing, yet I read of so many of you re-sawing with the Ridgid 3/4 hp and the riser kit. Can you help me understand what the limits of the BS1400 are with the 3/4 hp?

    Thanks so much.


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    I thought I would give an update on my bandsaw study. I decided to go ahead and get an 18", 2 hp bandsaw. I am very happy with the power although the thing is very heavy. I am able to resaw up to 12" with absolutley no problem whatsoever.