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  • TS3612 or Jet Supersaw

    Hello all, I am faced with a dilemma (sp). I am trying to decide between the new jet super saw, or the new TS3612. Some of my questions are:

    1. Do I need to worry about what types of add on equipment I can use. Like a Tenon jig.
    2. Does Ridgid plan to add a sliding table for their saw.
    3. I like the Ridgid warranty. I have 4 other Ridgid tools, and they work quite well. Planer, 12 Miter saw, Bandsaw, and the benchtop sander.

    While I know everyone here likes the Ridgid tools, and I like mine as well. I am looking for some feed back as to why I should buy this particular saw (TS3612).

    Does Rigid ever have a promotion?



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    I've been through this line of questioning myself, so maybe I can help. I understand completely how difficult this decision can be, with all the options out there.

    The Jet Supersaw looks like a slightly improved version of the DeWalt hybrid saw. Also, being a brand-new idea, the Jet Supersaw probably has bugs that you don't want to deal with. From everything I've read, it sounds like Jet is going directly after the DeWalt kind of business. Therefore, I think a comparison between the DeWalt and the TS3612 is useful.

    I've already done the analysis on the DeWalt saw. With the add-ons (sliding table, mobile base), the price get up around $1,600 pretty fast. Without the add-ons, the saw is still about $200 more than most contractor saws, and $300 more than the TS3612. The sliding table on the DeWalt is nice, but let's be honest -- what you're really getting is a pretty good sliding miter table. The fence on the DeWalt is a definite weak point.

    As far as quality, it looks like the DeWalt and the TS3612 are both made well. However, I have read complaints about the power of the DeWalt motor. I haven't heard anyone complain about the Ridgid motor giving out.

    The conclusion I reached is that I'd rather buy a contractor saw like the Ridgid and add on a top-of-the-line sliding miter table (like the Incra, which goes for about $300). Also, the Ridgid already has a mobile base.

    Bottom line (for me) is this:
    DeWalt (fully equipped with slider and mobile base) = $1,600
    Ridgid TS3612 (fully equipped with aftermarket slider) = $900

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      Let me add one thought: while the aftermarket sliders are nice, for what most of us do, there is little that a slider will do for you that you can't do just as well with a jig based either on Norm's "panel cutter" or R. J. DeChristoforo's "squaring board" ("The Table Saw Book," p. 96). Either one costs zip (if you make them out of left-overs).