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  • WL1200 question

    Where the heck can you buy this thing? Is it worth buying?

    HD only seems to carry the Delta.

    I never really did much lathe work but the more stuff I look at the more I am interested in learning.

    Anyone recommend the Ridgid? or maybe another one?

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    Leet me start right our by saying I do not have now or in the past the Ridgid lathe. Years ago (1985) I had a Craftsman 12" lathe, I think it was made by Emerson back then, not sure. Anyway it was as lathes go an entry level lathe. I turned some stuff I needed for a house restoration I was doing, a bunch of spindles for the porch railing, after that I did not use it much and sold it in 1990.

    There have been a few threads here in this forum about the Ridgid lathe, mostly negative as I remember. Do a search on wood lathe and see for yourself. I think I would look at the Delta or even the Craftsman before the Ridgid. Yeah, I know everyones gonna jump on me about the Craftsman, but if you look close and compare its not much different than the Delta. there are other choices, I am sure some of our brother forum members will offer their two cents as I have.

    Don't rush in and buy the Ridgid or any other based on price alone. You're doing your homework by asking opinions here and no doubt reading what you can find on the WWW, in Magazines, etc.

    Get some hands-on at a Woodcraft or other woodworking store, then decide.


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      I could be mistaken but I thought that the Ridgid lathe has been discontinued.
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        I have a Craftsman lathe that belonged to my grandfather, I think that it is a 50's model. I think that the newer ones are very similar. I have used it for several things, baseball bats, table legs and have found that it works well enough for me. I don't know how a new Delta, Jet, etc. feels though. I don't think you can go wrong with the Craftsman for basic needs.

        Most folks have told me that sharp tools are the most important things. I know from experience that dull gouges and the like are the source of vibration problems, aside from setting up the stock properly.


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          I have the Ridgid lathe, Bob is correct in it being like an entry level machine. It meets my needs and for me it works very well. From what I understand it has been discontinued by Ridgid due to lack of sales and interest. Could be possible to find one at one of the HDs but doughtful. If I ever feel the need to upgrade I will be looking at the Jets.
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