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  • 3650 Dado sets

    Need to get a dado set for the 3650, anyone tried the Freud Dial a dado, if so what the opinion, any other suggestions welcome, dado for hardwood faced 1/4", 1/2" & 3/4" plywood high priority up there at the top alond with the occasional hard wood facing for cabinets. Thanks in advance.

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    Sorry---you can't use the Dial-A-Dado on the 3650 or many other saws----look in the information on the item and you'll find it requires a longer arbor than you have.

    The first thing is to decide if you want a 6 or 8" stacked dado set. While some disagree, I've never felt totally comfortable putting a heavy 8" set on a 1 1/2 hp contractors' saw----it just strikes me as too much weight, which could damage your bearings----I just prefer to play it safe with a 6" set. Freud puts out some nice stacked dados, though I once had their so-called safety dado and returned it because it ran too rough when cutting. I bought another Freud set and have had good luck with it.


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      I second Daves' comments, especially the part about the 6" vs 8" sets.
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        Thanks, thats real quality info, is there any depth restriction when using a 6" set?, which frued dado set worked for you? Once again thank you guys.


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          6" dado 1-1/4" deph of cut
          8" dado 2-1/4" deph of cut
          The deph of cut can be a factor is you plan on making have laps in 4x4 and or box joints.
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            Right now 1-1/4" will work. Appreciated thanks.


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              Don't forget that you have to subtract the thickness of a sled if you use one. If your sled is 1/2" thick, that 6" dado set will have a maximum depth of 3/4".

              I've been using the 8" freud SD208 for over 2 years now and I've never felt like it was overloading the saw in any way.



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                That's a really good point, I do use a couple of sled's on occassion, but my dado's never exceed 3/4" depth. So it looks like a 6" set will work, there seems to me to be a comfort zone on the motor load factor and I prefer to keep it lite and hopefully extend the life.

                What I would really like to know now is; which manufacturers set offers the best fexibility / quick accurate set up, for the perfect fitting dado to snuggly receive hardwood stock into hardwood stock, also 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" & 3/4" Hardwood faced plywood into plywood or hardwood?

                Or is there an arbour conversion set that would accept the Freud dial a dado?


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                  Pick a good 6" Freud set with shims. Your worries will be history.