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  • Extension wings

    I was pondering the notion of addingadditional webbed extensions on each side of my TS3612. Mainly to use as an assembly table. I was wondering if this would be to much weight on the existing webbed extensions. In a nutshell I won't two webbed extensions on both sides of the saw. Again, just pondering

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    Why not just build one out of 3/4 plywood with a hardboard top. This is a lot less money and works very well. I put one on my table saw and now wish that I had done this years ago. It makes a great work surface but also makes cutting plywood and long lumber much easier.


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      Northern Beaver
      Sounds like a good idea. I just don't understand how you attach it to the extensions. How thick is the hardwood top? If you could clarify for me that would be great.

      Thank you


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        Here's another real easy way to get some extra working room on the RH side of the saw. You'll need a piece of ¾"x15½"x27" MDF and two 1" c-clamps. Attach the c-clamps to the RH bottom end of the RH wing, place the MDF on the c-clamps and the spacer bar. Adjust the c-clamps until the MDF is flush with the RH wing. Easy, fast and cheap. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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          Badger Dave

          Heck of an idea. I tried it with a piece of plywood and it works great. I am even going use some 3/8" one hole straps (normally used to secure MC Cable) around to the spacer bar to secure the piece of MDF from sliding. Thanks again