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  • dovetail jig question

    hi guys, while looking on amazon i came across a dovetail jig that looks to fulfill what i am looking for. its the jet 12" model that looks like the rockler and all those others of this style. after reading the reviews and seeing nothing but positive comments the price looks right at $62.00 with free shipping. my question though is what size/type of dovetail bit do i need for a jig like this..or does it have to be an exact bit? i see bits of all lengths, sizes, and angles and didnt want to waste money on bits i wouldnt use/need. thanks

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    Re: dovetail jig question

    What board thickness do you usually work with? Also buy straight bit to cut out most of the material so you don't break the neck of the bit.
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      Re: dovetail jig question

      normally 3/4" or 1/2" for drawers...i just saw so many sizes and different angles..wasnt sure if i needed an exact one


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        Re: dovetail jig question

        WOW, that's one heck of a dovetail jig:
        (from Amazon description):
        * 35-3/8- by 12-inch cast iron table (!!!!!!)
        * Includes spindle sanding attachment; 3 HP/220V motor; heavy gauge steel fence, miter gage, Allen wrench, hardware, instruction manual (!!!!!!!)
        * Adjusts for working with material 1/2 to 1-1/4 inches thick, and up to 12 inches wide

        Methinks only the last bullet really applies. ;-)

        It sure looks like the Rockler jig... nearly identical, if not a total twin.
        As such, I'd recommend a 14-degree, 1/2" bit with 1/4" shank (or 8mm if you feel like buying it from Rockler).
        Here's their small package bit deal:

        Sign up for Rockler rewards and you can take $10 off that purchase, bringing the price for all three bits and adapter to $30.

        However, since you're going to push $100 already, I'd suggest you look more seriously at the Rockler jig set. It includes bits, bushing, etc. And they're now coming out with variations on the dovetail spacing, size, etc, for a more custom look. Might be worth a little extra to have more flexibility later on for your projects. Wait a few weeks and see if a discount coupon code comes out.


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          Re: dovetail jig question

          Wood Junkie:


          Hadn't noticed the specs:

          35-3/8- by 12-inch cast iron table
          Includes spindle sanding attachment; 3 HP/220V motor; heavy gauge steel fence, miter gage,

          until you pointed them out...Too funny! :-P

          I pulled out my first generation Rockler jig and agree that it appears identical to this Jet dovetail jig. From what I understand, the first gen Rockler jig is not compatible with the new templates that they are promoting in the August 2007 catalog. If the Jet is a clone of first gen jig, you would need to purchase the 2nd generation Rockler jig (still not sure what the differences are between the jigs with the exception of the dust collection) in order to use the new templates.

          The new jig is appearing in the catalog as Rockler #22818 $139.99
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            Re: dovetail jig question

            I bought a Japanese dovetail jig years ago from a company called Trendlines (great company, but went belly up). Mine looks exactally like that one, right down to the color!
            Apparently, they had used a translation program to try to make the instructions into English. what a riot!!! Took me forever to figure out but it did work well and did what I wanted it to. Only used it once, been sitting in a cabinet now for 10 years now! LOL
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