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Router Fence (like a Table Saw Fence)

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  • Router Fence (like a Table Saw Fence)

    (Note: I continue to reveal my lack of woodworking knowledge with the many NEWBIE questions I throw at the crowd here on this forum. Sorry about that, guys.)

    Question: Why do router tables NOT come with a fence like table saws? Where can one get a fence like that for a router? Or do you gentlemen make your own?

    It's a pain trying to square my current router fence to the miter guide.

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    Re: Router Fence (like a Table Saw Fence)

    What are you doing that you feel you have to square your fence to the miter gauge? Personally, I've never seen the need to use a miter gauge with my router table.
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      Re: Router Fence (like a Table Saw Fence)

      I have also found no need for a miter guage on the router table. Unlike the flat side of a saw blade, The rotating bit is a single point of contact, so almost any straight edge can be used as a "fence".

      If you watch the guys on the Router Workshop, their tables are pretty bare, with no miter slot or fixed fence. When a fence is required, they simply take a straight piece of stock and clamp both ends to the table. Pretty simple.

      I do use a adjustable fence, with the capability to adjust the outfeed side, in a manner for finishing an edge (like on a jointer). I have only used it a couple of times in this manner, but it does work well.

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        Re: Router Fence (like a Table Saw Fence)

        I'm probably just being picky...don't know that much about woodworking...wishing I could have micro adjustment capability with the router fence.

        I'm learning the hard way. Yesterday we were routing the end grain of a piece of pine measuring 3"x1". Tricky to run that small piece of wood through the router bit without some help from the miter guide (helped to keep my fingers out of the way.).


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          Re: Router Fence (like a Table Saw Fence)

          I have never seen a high dollar fence on a router table, but I do, like the rest, use a piece of wood and 2 "C" clamps when needed.

          On your small end cut, you were wise to use the miter guage. Using a router table is all about having absolute control over the wood! As you know, a router bit can (and will!LOL) grab the wood and toss it into next week, given the chance.

          I have a miter guage on my router table because I use mine for making doors about 99% of the time. Making the end cut requires the miter guage AND a fence as the end cut cutter does not have a bearing.

          I made fences for my table because not all cutters have guide bearings AND I wanted some kind of sawdust collector for my shop vac.

          This is my router table with a pair of Porter Cable 3hp 5 speed routers. But again, I use mine mainly for making doors. I"m also going to add a third router on the miter slot side for making fluting. Never fails, I need to make some fluting or some kind of cut right after I get the fence and cutters all set up and have to take it apart again!

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