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    I am using a 2hp 1600cfm dust collector (with a chip separator) that came with an upper and lower 1 micron bag. I see now that some models of a very similar collector are coming with a plastic lower bag.

    Does anybody know if this restricts the airflow of the collector? The plastic bag would certainly be easier to empty, but I need every bit of airflow that I have right now.

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    As I understand it, adding a non-porous plastic lower bag in place of a porous material bag will restrict the air flow. In theory, in order to maintain the same air flow, the upper bag would need to have double the air flow as the original. That doesn't mean you won't have acceptable results using a plastic bag, but the air flow will be lower unless the upper bag compensates for the loss of flow in the lower bag.


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      I doubt if there is much air flow on the lower bag. It would fill up very quickly. I know a lot of people are using plastic bags and trash cans. To be sure tall the manufacturer.
      I plan to convert mine.


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        The problem with what you're saying is that it assumes the two cloth bags are at maximum capacity. If you've got the OEM bags that may be the case. But, when you upgrade to felt bags your bag is flowing much more air.

        Marcus <---Uses plastic lower bag and felt upper