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  • Restor-a-finish....WOW!

    I read somewhere on this reflector about Howard restor-a-finish. Our kitchen cabinets are medium quality oak raised panels. I shudder the thought of sanding or stripping them. They do have wear and tear on them as they are about 20 years old.

    I tried the usual stuff like liquid gold and other chemicals with poor results.

    Well I figured next time I'm at home Depot I'll get a pint of Howard restor-a-finish. About eight bucks [not male deer rather American dollars].

    I have their "golden oak". Now the instructions discussed using 0000-steel wool. I decided to try using a disposable shop towel as the cabinets do not have deep scratches, just worn a finish with some grime.

    I wiped the stuff on, rubbed it a bit then with a clean cloth buffed it. The results are MAGIC!

    The wood popped with new life and color. Now I really need to buy new handles and drawer pulls as they look really old and worn against the revitalized wood!

    I have no idea has to how this stuff wears but it's so easy to apply I have no problems doing the cabinets once a year.

    So for those of you looking at your cabinets or the Mrs. is nagging you about doing something to the grungy cabinets check out Howard restor-a-finish!!!
    It does come in a number of colors..again I did use their golden oak with amazing results! I think this is a well kept secret from the pros!

    Cactus Man

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    Re: Restor-a-finish....WOW!

    If you like the colour you have now you can add a coat of poly over it to enhance durability. I used minwax polyshades on my last house before we sold to refresh the cabinets that looked similar to your description. Worked perfectly, filled in the worn spots with matching colour and made the kitchen look new. Wished I would have done it when we moved in so I could have enjoyed it.


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      Re: Restor-a-finish....WOW!

      Read the instructions well. You cannot apply polyurethane after using Restor-A-Finish. It will not dry . Otherwise, it's a great product.

      Good Luck


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        Re: Restor-a-finish....WOW!

        Thanks for the report, catusman. I've used hand cleaner (like Gojo) before on kitchen cabinets with decent results. But it certainly didn't leave me with the "golly, gee whiz!" effect that Restore-a-Finish had on you...

        - djb

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          Re: Restor-a-finish....WOW!

          I'd hate to guess the gallons of this stuff I've used..A bit of denatured
          alcohol cleans well if theres grease to get off it carefully in a hidden spot 1st.I have never tried to put a finish over it and wouldn't attempt to.


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            Re: Restor-a-finish....WOW!

            Can you folks tell me if either the Howards or the alcohol helped with poly surfaces that have gotten soft. I have some of those hardwood chairs that you used to see in the pricipal's office (not that I would know that first hand - OK, I do) and the front of the finish on the arms are softening and getting sort of balled up. I sure don't want to have to strip these things.