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    If what you're about to hear sounds stupid, just say so. I'm new to woodworking and certainly don't know much about table saws or their blades. I'm also an economist and accustomed to insults.
    Most (nearly all) of what I cut is 1X stock either ripped or crosscut at a 90 degree angle on my TS2424. I mostly cut hardwood plywood and hardwood (oak, popular and cherry).
    Why do I need a 10" blade to do this? Wouldn't it be easier on the saw as well as the wood if I used a smaller (7.25'' or 8'') diameter blade? It seems as if I'm wasting a lot of blade and motor power with the 10" blade. It takes about 5 min. to change the blade, which I could do if the smaller blade isn't sufficient to cut at an angle or cut through thicker stock.

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    I wouldn't say you are loosing any power with a ten inch blade other than a small amount of energy it takes for that rotating mass. In actuality the 10" blade will have a much higher tooth speed than a smaller blade since no matter what size blade is on the saw the arbor speed will remain the same. I say stick with the ten-inch blade for the type of work you are doing.



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      Thanks, I'll stick with the 10".