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Sliding Miter Saw DC??

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  • Sliding Miter Saw DC??

    Hi all first time thorugh here. [img]smile.gif[/img]

    I recently purchased the 12" SCMS and was getting ready to run my DC pipe to it. I now have a 4" outlet above the saw and was looking at how I might be able to add a chute?? Looks fairly impossible with the slider and compound business . Does anybody have any suggesitons. I'd rather not choke down the 4" to the ~2" Ridgid provides.

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    Since a SCMS is kinda like a RAS (Radial Arm Saw) I would suggest building a 'trap' behind the blade and hooking your DC into the trap. This pic is a bit small but should give you a better idea what I am talking about


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      Thanks - thats what I figured. Might be a good thing for the Ridgid engineers to try and figure out. Prolly no more than a few bucks worth of plastic and you off suckin [img]smile.gif[/img]

      My small shop and position of htis saw make a hood behind it impossible. I might try and make a pie shaped port that hangs down behind the blade - OR maybe a hood thats stationary behind the fence but under the slider.


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        I have a DW708 12" SCMS mounted on the Ridgid MS-UV but I keep it stationary 99% of the time. I built a box about 20H x 20D x 40W which is open on the front side that I mounted to the wall behind where I have the saw setup. In the bottom I built a well area in the back about 4" deep. I cut a 4" opening in the bottom center which connects to my dust collector. I covered the well area with some 1/4" pegboard about 10"x40". This thrown together sawdust trap has worked pretty well. The pegboard keeps the big stuff from getting in there and the 1/4" holes let the dust through OK.

        Someone now makes such a dust shield, I think it was Rousseau, it was red as I remember, but don't know where I saw it.