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  • Assembly table top material

    Norm, uses a nice simple assebmly table, on every show, does anyone know the name of the material on top? I worked in a machine shop for 6 years and we made plenty of tables using these plastic sheet goods, but I can't remember the name, and I also can't seem to find it at HD or Lowes.

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    Is it melamine?
    I bought a sheet of it at HD last week


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      I've watched the episode a couple of times and believe it was MDF. Norm has also used Homosote as a cover for his workbench when gluing. I know it wasn't melemine. The assembly table has a plywood top, with the cover screwed on to it, so the cover can be replaced. Personally, for gluing or messy operations, I simply use a small plastic tarp--easy to put on and doesn't take up any room when not in use.


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        It's solid plastic like material, darkish grey

        "Homosote" thanks, daveferg, do you know where to get it? It's smooth and durable, I'd like to incorporate it on my outfeed/assembly table.

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