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  • Shopsmith help

    I have a shopsmith that I inherited and I'm trying to get it working as best I can before I sell it.It has sat for I think a long time.The motor runs well and most things seem to work.But I cant get the quill to extend.I loosened all the locks I found and tried everything I could in a gentile way.I have never ran a shopsmith before nor have a manual for it so a bit of help would be nice along with suggestions on what might be wrong.I grew up with tools and have rebuilt all kinds of things before so I have over 40 years of experience running all kinds of stuff.I'm thinking the quill is frozen , stuck from old grease or rusted tight.Anyone with some shopsmith knowledge would be helpful.
    Thanks Sam

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    Re: Shopsmith help

    Don't own one but you should be able to get what you need here.
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      Re: Shopsmith help

      There should be a big cast wingnut opposite the quill feed handle. That's the lock. Make sure it's loose, and give it a good whack with the heel of your hand. You should hear a clunk, and the quill should move. The wedges get stuck sometimes if they sit for a long time.

      If that doesn't work, take it apart and have a look. The headstocks are pretty simple.