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Table Saw Blade

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  • Table Saw Blade

    I am looking for a new blade for my older Emerson-made Craftsman 10" tablesaw. I plan on spending the money for a 40-tooth Forrest Woodworker II blade. The question is if I should get the .100" kerf or the .125" kerf blade? Most of my cutting is on 3/4" or less boards or plywood. Also, if I buy the narrow kerf, do I need the blade stabilizer?

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    Re: Table Saw Blade

    For stock in the size range that you mentioned either blade should work very well. If you decide on the thin kerf blade, I'd forget about spending any more money for a stabilizer. I've read many more reports that state they are unnecessary then I have reports that they are needed.
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      Re: Table Saw Blade

      Dave's right on the money...either will cut well in that range of material with that saw. Forrest will recommend using the TK with saws < 3hp. My experience has been that the stabilizer benefits the seller more than the buyer. The TK will handle thicker material better with that saw, should you ever need to venture beyond the current thicknesses that you've stated.


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        Re: Table Saw Blade

        Don't know what the specifics of that saw are but lower powered saws, particularly the portable type with universal motors, really struggle with full kerf blades. Most high quality thin kerf blades work really well and a stabilizer is unnecessary. They also save some material.