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  • attached router table

    Has anyone been able to attach a router table to the TS 3650? I would love to create the larger work surface and convenient work station, but can't quite see how it can be done. Any suggestions.

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    Welcome to the forum. I'm relatively new and a new 3650 owner also.
    Mulecab and MLCS, among others have extension tables ready for mounting a router. The mulecab is around $140 without fence, and the MLCS is around $180, with fence.
    Now, for mounting your own, here's what I did as a temporary solution, cheaply.
    A 27" by 15 1/2" piece of 3/4" thick Melamine will fit between the rails and extend to the end of the back rail, on my saw.
    Get 2 pieces of 3/4" or 1" aluminum angle and 6 5/16-18 (about an inch long)hex head bolts and nuts. Rabbet the rail (27") ends of the melamine on the bottom deep enough so that the angle can be mounted in the rabbet, with the other leg pointed down and flush with the ends of the melamine. Drill three holes in each of the legs of the angle for the bolts. You will need to temporarily clamp the melamine in position level with the cast extension to determine where to drill the holes. Put the bolts in the holes with the bolt heads pointing toward the rails, put the nuts on the bolts and leave about a half inch of space between the head and the angle.
    Now, from the end of the saw put a bolt head in the track of the front rail, slide it in the rail until the first bolt head on the other side reaches the back rail and put it in the track. Proceed until all the bolt heads are in the track in both rails, level the melamine with the cast extension and tighten the nuts.
    Search the forum for "extension table" and there is a lot of reading.
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      This topic has been discussed extensively, and I realize that you may not be aware of that if you recently joined the forum so please don't take this as a scolding for posting your question. To avoid re-posting information try using the SEARCH function of the forum. You'll find many topics over the past couple years (some with photos) on this topic.


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        Thanks Ken, for the help.

        Thanks,Bob for taking it easy on a newbie and pointing me in the right direction. You were right, of course, my head is spinning from all the ideas and advice posted over the past few years. To buy or build? That is the question.
        Thanks again.


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          I'm working on my own router table extension. I have never machined metal before, do I need a special drill bit to drill through the aluminum? I thought I would use a steel L Brace but when I mount this to the rails it sticks up too far, even if I rabbet the router top it will leave me with a very thin edge.

          I also thought I would support the router table with some L bracing running rail to rail on either side of the router since it will only be a 3/4" piece of melamine.

          I think I'm going to rout a T track through it so I can use the 3650 miter gage on it as well.

          What a great idea though, the cast iron table top will make for a very nice router table for larger pieces.