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Furnace blower for shop air mover

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  • Furnace blower for shop air mover

    I love having my old furnace squirrel cage blower in my shop, moving air around. Had the same one for years and years mounted to an old wood stand. It runs all day when i'm in the shop, helping me stay cool and keeping the dust moving until it gets out the door.

    Lately, it has not been moving much air so I took a close look at the blower fan. Hmmm, seems that 15 years of stain, lacquer, dust and paint took it's toll on it! LOL

    Here is what I scraped off the actual blower wheel!! 1 pound 9 ounces of Minwax stain, lacquer, sawdust and who knows what! LOL

    Guess it pays to put on the good 'ol reading glasses and actually check stuff once in a while! LOL

    Congratulations to Mr. "the sky is falling" Al Gore, nominated the new Village Idiot!

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    Re: Furnace blower for shop air mover

    Have you given any thought as to how much of the stuff might be in your lungs?


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      Re: Furnace blower for shop air mover

      Kinda scary to think how much you've breathed in over the years. Do you have an air filter besides a dust collector? I recently built one but was unsatisfied with the results and noise of the fan, so it's back on the "to do" list. Maybe I ought to move it to a higher priority!

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