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Rigid Sanding Station??

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  • Rigid Sanding Station??

    Has anyone out there every purchase the Rigid sanding station?? If so where do you buy the sanding tubes?? The local HD told me that none the stores carry them and i am intersted in buying one but if no replacements are avail then I guess I will shop elsewhere.

    Let me know.



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    Re: Rigid Sanding Station??

    I now buy all my sanding supplies from Klingspor's Woodworking Shop. Their quality is second to none and so are their prices. To check out their variety and prices on sanding sleeves click here.

    EDIT: I've done business in the past with Red Hill Corp. and have not been disappointed with them. They are another source for sanding sleeves that you might want to look into.
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      Re: Rigid Sanding Station??

      I haven't delt with them in several years and haven't looked if they have a site on line.But for a long time I bought all my sanding needs from Industrial Abrasives company as at the time they had the best prices an best stock on all needs.Hope that helps Sam


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        Re: Rigid Sanding Station??

        Hi Kevin!

        What BadgerDave says about Klingspore is true. I use them for all my sandpaper, including the Ridgid oscilating spindle/belt sander. I love that sander, and Klingspore makes some great abrasives at a decent price.
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          Re: Rigid Sanding Station??

          Welcome Kevin, HERE is the Canadian site I get mine from. They go to all the wood shows up here so I usually stock up then


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            Re: Rigid Sanding Station??

            Just the other day I was wandering aimlessly through the Home depot tool section..they are constantly changing where stuff is!!!! Perhaps to reduce shop lifting!

            Anyway, I noticed a plastic bubble pack of sanding tubes for the
            Ridgid sander. It had 10 tubes. 80 grit and 150 grit of each size [5x2]
            I recall the price was $14.95. This was In Glendale AZ.

            I have the sanding station and really like it. But as others have posted I get my replacement sanding tubes from other sources. Better prices and selections. Also I usually need to replace the larger tubes as I use them most of the time.

            Don't forget to buy one of those rubber things to clean your sanding tubes as it will lengthen the tube's life.
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            part 110-034

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