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Moving out of state with a TS3650 and DP1550...

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  • Moving out of state with a TS3650 and DP1550...

    And my question is, to what degree should I secure/disassemble my TS3650 and DP1550? My company is paying for the move, so I have little or no control over how the professional movers move these items - besides moving them myself, which I would prefer not to have to arrange.

    At a minimum, I know I need to get the motor off of the TS, but should I also disassemble the rails and wings?

    And the DP, should I take the motor off of the column and put it into the box it came in? Of all things, the DP seems most likely to be dropped accidentally. But taking off the motor isn't a trivial task! I was sore for days after assembling it.

    Appreciate hearing any experiences and advice!


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    Re: Moving out of state with a TS3650 and DP1550...

    If your intention is to have both your TS and DP totally trashed during your move then by all means leave everything assembled.

    Of course that's not what you want so yes disassemble both to some degree. Definitely remove the power head from the DP and it probably would be a good idea to disassemble the pole also. As far as the TS is concerned, remove both wings, the motor, rail system and blade guard/splitter. The saw itself, base and Herc-u-Lift could be left assembled and should make the move undamaged. Of course, remove the blade as you don't want to damage it or one of the movers either.
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      Re: Moving out of state with a TS3650 and DP1550...

      Everything BD said plus: Buy some 4" PVC pipe and some end fittings with the screw in caps to stick the rails in. Cut the tube to length needed. If you go a bit larger, you can add a few fishing rods. The PVC tube is pretty hard for even a gorilla to tear up and distort. (I used this technique for all my fishing rods when I moved from FL gulf coast to NC. Worked well. Make sure to prominently put your name and the destination address on the outside of the tube with permanent marker.).
      If you can't afford the pvc, start working on the reasons to get that Beismeyer fence when you get to the other end of the move!:

      You will probably need to realign the saw when you get to the other end, as it may very well end up upside down or on its side in the moving van.

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        Re: Moving out of state with a TS3650 and DP1550...

        BD and Gofor, thanks for the good advice! I knew in my heart I need to disassemble these tools, but I guess I was just tired. Like my dear Dad used to say "Your tired: L-A-Z-Y tired."

        Never would have thought of the 4" pvc for stashing the rails. I am going to haul a load myself - small stuff I just don't trust to strangers, so if I don't get the pvc in time, I'll put the rails and fence in my pile.

        thanks again!