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RAS wavering

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  • RAS wavering

    Have Ridgid RAS..have used for past 5 years..last night was checking square on a cross-cut and I noticed it was square except the first 1/4" or so on the top side closest to the fence.

    No matter how tried to check alignment,it would do this. Tighteded the bearings on the arms as I thought perhaps there was too much play in the motor houseing - still no luck.

    Changed blade - still no luck.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: RAS wavering

    Check to see if you have some sawdust buildup on the trolley bearing tracks or the bearings themselves.
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      Re: RAS wavering

      It certainly sounds like an odd occurance. How are the rails that the carriage bearings ride on. Do they show enough wear that would knock the motor carriage out of line at that point? Or perhaps the screws holding the rails in place are loose or have somehow got a buildup of sawdust or other crud on them?

      I have a 1974 Craftsman RAS (built by Emerson). Two of the carriage bearings (on the left side as I recall) are mounted with concentric bolts that can be adjusted, but I don't see how that would knock the alignment off, for just a portion of the arm.

      I presume that you fence is straight and that you've checked with your square on both the left and right side of the fence.

      You'll have to let us know what you discover, as I'm a bit curious how this might happen.




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        Re: RAS wavering

        Are you checking the wood after the cut or the fence to blade alignment?
        If you are checking just the wood after the cut - a blade with a larger hook angle can cause the wood to move a bit at the beginning of the cut resulting in what you describe. Try a RAS blade with a 0 or slightly negative hook angle or try clamping the wood.