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cast iron tables and rust

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  • cast iron tables and rust

    Are cast iron tables rusting a problem or a minor nuisance?
    Does anyone have any good ideas on how to prevent this short of putting oil on the surface?

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    I use Johnson's paste wax on my saw top. It seems to protect the surface from rust very well.


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      Furniture wax or Topcote work well for rust prevention. I have used both and tend to prefer the wax because it seems to last longer between coats for me.


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        It sounds like you don't want to use oil but I use the old method of WD-40 and the green scruber pads that you can get at the grocery store. It takes any surface rust off and give me very good protection. I don't have any rust on my tools and my garage shop has seen 20 Nebraska winters and worse 20 Nebraska summers (you know, when the only time the humidity comes down is when it rains)


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          I use to fret over the rust, but I gave up. I use to wax, but was more time than it's worth. Now I just use the crap out of my machines, and when it starts to show corrision, I put a red scotch brite pad on the PC 333vs and go over it all. Shines up like a new bumper.

          The trick is not letting the surface set unused for too long. Repeated use will keep the rust worn off. So work harder, work longer, and forget about the rust.
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