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    I bought this Rigid band saw new. I wanted to do some resawing and bought the appropriate blade. When I tried to do this cuting black walnut the blade would almost stop.I checked with the maker of the blade and he says I need at least a 1h.p. motor to do this.I also tried to cut some mohagany and had the same problem. I had to cut it dowm into 2" strips so I could resaw it.Is this normal? Why does Rigid sell the spacer block to raise the upper wheel to cut bigger pieces if I can't cut what I have now.Do I need to buy a better band saw?

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    I'm not sure I have any specific answers for you but here's a few points. Resawing does take a significant amount of power, so you will not be able to feed the stock through at the same rate you would rip a board on a table saw. Also, what width of material did you start with? Just recently we were doing some testing on the band saw with the riser block (which brings the height to 12"). We were cutting a 12" wide slab of oak, sawing off 1/8" thin sheets. To give you an idea, it took about 5 mins to get through the 2' long stock. Not speedy by any means but it does get the job done.

    Make sure you are using a good dust collection system and wearing a dust mask when doing this much cutting. The particles a band saw makes are very fine and resawings makes a lot of them.



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      Jake, why not put on the band saw a bigger motor?
      Andy B.


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        Thanks for the reply Jake about the problem I am having with my Rigid band saw. Does Rigid sell a one H.P. motor to fit this band saw and how much? Also is it available in Canada?