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Joiner blades

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  • Joiner blades

    I have the 6 1/8" Ridgid joiner and am looking for replacement blades. I can find blades for my thickness planer at HD but not the joiner blades. Can anyone direct me to a source?
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    Re: Joiner blades

    Hi Jim. My old Craftsman joiner has 6 1/8" by 1/8" blades in it. Not sure how high they are, can you measure yours? I think they are 1/2"?
    Maybe they are the same? I don't use my joiner anymore and have a new in the box set. If you are close, stop by and they are yours. Or get yours sharpened. Arizona Carbide does a great job.

    OOps, noticed you are in Prescott. You ever come to Phx?

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      Re: Joiner blades

      If your Owners Manual doesn't list the size of the knives, measure them then find the corresponding size from this table. Make sure that you check the quantity provided with the set to confirm that it matches the number of knives needed for your jointer. Once you've figured out what model number of Freud knives your need you can order them from many places on the web, Amazon being one.

      One other source for jointer knives, although their own and not Freud's, is Infinity Tools.
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        Re: Joiner blades

        This is right out of the owners manaul.

        The knives can be honed individually with an ordinary oilstone.
        NOTE: Make sure your oilstone is not worn in the center. It must be flat.
        Be sure to remove the burr on the flat side.
        The cutter knives are extremely sharp. Do not let your hand or fingers touch the cutter knives. Failure to heed this warning could result in serious personal injury.
        If the knives are nicked they must be replaced or reground. They can be reground several times until they become9/16 in. wide. Never install unbalanced knives or reground knives less than 9/16 in. wide.
        Have your knives reground by someone who is competent.
        Look under "Sharpening Services" in the Yellow Pages of your telephone directory.
        NOTE: The knives may have a second, very small ground surface very close to the sharpened edge of the knife. Hone only the edge of the knife which will be doing the cutting
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          Re: Joiner blades

          Use the Freud C400 blades


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            Re: Joiner blades

            The Freud blades are available at


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              Re: Joiner blades

              It's been awhile since I checked this site but thanks to everyone for directing me to sources for the jointer blades. I will check out the Freud C400 plus I have the where with all at work to sharpen my original blades and will do that also.


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                Re: Joiner blades

                I called 1-877-544-9253 and was able to purchase blades for $10.68 each which is $32.04 for a set of 3. This number gets you to Gardner Inc. where you can place a verbal order or later I found out you can do the same at for a variety of small tool parts.
                The current part number for the blades is JE080008 which supersedes the original number of AC8600
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                  Re: Joiner blades

                  Originally posted by RSAW View Post
                  Use the Freud C400 blades
                  Get them here too.