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Newbie with a JOINTER question-racking my brain

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  • Newbie with a JOINTER question-racking my brain

    Hey everyone,
    i am new to this forum. I have recently gotten into wood working and have the ts3650 table saw. I am really happy with it at this point. My question is this-i have a 6 inch table top delta jointer(MISTAKE-no length of bed-rookie mistake)
    1. Should i buy a 6 or 8 inch jointer-i'm a hobby guy who will eventually get into tables, furniture etc(personal use). If I stay with a six inch, what do you think of people saying you should cut down to six inch boards, and rejoint because smaller boards jointed are less likely to warp.
    2. What is the longest length you can comfortable face joint on a rigid with a 45 inch bed before you feel your may no longer be keeping the board flat.
    3. Does the rigid on a home made mobile base really remain stable vs on its four footed stance.
    4. i have read in wood working books that whether or not you have a 6 or 8 inch jointer, you CAN joint boards up to twice the width of your jointer by flipping around and running equal passes then finishing up with a planer( i have the delta 55-280).

    I appreciate all of your professional responses, I am afraid of making a financial mistake- i have a single care garage devoted to wood working. thank you all

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    Re: Newbie with a JOINTER question-racking my brain

    An 8" jointer would be great and many people find they would much prefer to have one if they could afford it. However, you'll find they are not only quite larger which is a problem in many small shops, but they are also considerably more expensive. Most people get by fine with a 6" model. On a standard length table the longest practical size you can joint is about twice the table length, so about 8' for a 46" table. You can still go longer but it gets trickier.

    It's always more practical to rough cut boards down to slightly larger than the final size needed thnen joint them. It will save a lot more material by doing it this way. Many times you'll only work with boards only a couple of inches thick to be glued together so a 6" is just fine. Jointing a full size board to then cut down to size from the perfectly straightened board might seem more convenient but it actually isn't. Besides wasting more material to straighten it across the entire length, once you start cutting grain stresses holding the board straight can change and pieces can twist as soon as you finish cutting which is quite frustrating and will easily ruid a project. So unless you will be working with full pieces over 6" wide I would not consider it necessary to go with a wider jointer.


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      Re: Newbie with a JOINTER question-racking my brain

      Oh, almost forgot. If you really need to joint anything that wide you can always made a sled for the planer and joint up to 12" wide.
      As for a mobile base, you will need a very stable surface. So unless you can come up with some sort of base that can remain rock stable, don't use one. I don't think I would even consider mounting an 8" machine in some sort of mobile base.
      You will also need some sort of outfeed support for anything longer than roughly 4'. Portable rollers work well.