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TS2424 vs. TS2424LS

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  • TS2424 vs. TS2424LS

    Can anyone tell me what the difference is between these two models? Is there a price difference? Any help would be appreciated. I hope to purchase this saw tomorrow and both models are available.


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    I'm unsure of the difference the "LS" makes on the 2424. But the latest TS from Ridgid is the 3612, which should be priced the same as the 2424 around $597. If this is the price you're looking at, go for the newer model which has a number of improvements. If the 2424 is $100+ less then you might want to consider it. Take a look at the differences:


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      Thanks for the reply and the advice. The HD near me had two 2424's in boxes; one marked with an LS. I can't remember what the display model was. After reading thru all of the problems with HD regarding their sales, displays, etc. of Ridgid products I'm going to have to check closely before I buy.

      The display model was marked at $599 plus $50 if you wanted the saw assembled. If they are asked that price and it's a 2424 then I'll try another store to see if I can get the 3612.

      Again thanks.


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        LS is a TS2424-1 with some goodies thrown in. Danged if I can remember what they were, though. Seems like a miter gauge clamp might have been one of them?

        Gee, I'm almost useful on this answer...



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          I think your right Dave. I remember reading somewhere that the 2424 comes with 3 or 4 extras and the LS is probably the designator for the models with those extras. I'll be making the rounds today at HD and see what they've got. Thanks.


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            Miter Gage clamp assembly, dust collection chute and dado insert if memory serves correct.



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              Just my opinion but the extra stuff isn't worth getting the 2424LS over the 3612 if they aren't $100 in price difference. I like the fence on the 3612 much better and there are some other differences. From what I saw when I got he 3612, Ridgid took all the WW reviews and changed the things the reviewers didn't like on the 2424 and the product was the 3612 (except maybe a TEFC motor). I'm sure this isn't truely accurate but it was my impression [img]smile.gif[/img] .


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                The LS also has the micro adjust trunnion...the 2424 may not have it...I think the number was 24241, then the LS had the other stuff as well. I have seen many a 3612 on the display floor...I fail to see the fence being all that big of an improvement. Yep it's a much bigger fence and has the microadjust screw in a better place, but it also has a gear on it and will eventually mar the fence rails...the 2424 has a urethane roller and works much smoother. I also didn't like the lock lever nearly as much...the same one that's on the 2400 but bigger...wish my 2400 had the same lever as my 2424...much easier to lock and unlock.

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                  Thanks to all for replying.

                  If I can read bewtween the lines Kelly, it sounds like you don't think I would go wrong with the 2424. I think that's what everyone is saying except for the fact that the 2424 has been discontinued and I shouldn't pay the full price for the 2424 (approx. $600) which is what the 3612 is currently selling for.

                  Went to two HD's near me in Naples, FL yesterday. One displayed ther 2424 with a price of 599 plus 50 for assemply. They had a two 2424's and one 2424LS in stock; no 3612. They also had a ras, jointer and planner along with a spindle sander. Ther other store near me was terrible. They had no Ridgid power tools in stock other than the display models and they were in terrible shape. There is another HD a little further away that I plan on visiting today.

                  Again, thanks to everyone for responding. Your information has been helpful.


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                    One thing I would like to add, is to make sure that you get the second box containing the rip fence rails. This is the case with all of the saws mentioned. When I got mine, they assured me that everything was in the box. Against my better judgement, I took their word for it. Had th make a return trip there the next day to get box # 2. Also, make sure you get rails designed for whichever model you get. The 2424 rails are different from the 3612 rails.

                    Also, I have the TS2424 with the excessories. One excessory not mentioned that mine came with is the 2 1/2" 6' shop vac hose for the dust collection.


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                      Well I bought the 3612 today at HD. Still in the box; my wife and I are still recovering from getting it out of our van. Thanks for the help in the decision making. I'm sure there will be many more questions posted in the near future.