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  • Ridgid Bandsaw Assembly & Customer Service

    I recently was given a Ridgid bandsaw by my older sister. Its a great story, actually. I made her something to hang in her Doctor's Clinic that she is opening in a week. When I went down to visit and deliver my woodworking creation, she liked it so much that she bought me a bandsaw as a bribe for more such artwork (I had used a friend's bandsaw to create the initial piece).

    Anyways, I got home (back to Kansas) with my new Ridgid bandsaw and started putting it together. Two hours into the process (my 3 year old was helping with the nuts and bolts for the stand) I discovered that the cast-iron body of the bandsaw had a cracked foot. That sucked.

    So I called the local HD about it. They told me to bring it in for an exchange. Great - so I spent the next 30 minutes taking it apart and putting it back in the box, 5 minutes driving to HD, 90 minutes helping them find another one in the overhead storage, and then 5 minutes driving back home.

    So, when I started round 2 of putting the sucker together, I discovered a handful of nuts that were missing. That sucked as well. So the next day I had to return to HD and get them to steal the required nuts and bolts from the one I had returned the night before.

    From then on out, things were smooth sailing. Well, I had previously had pretty good luck with Ridgid customer service (when something was missing from my TS2424 box a year ago!) so I called them up to let them know about my experience.

    And just for kicks and grins, I asked them if they'd give me something free to help make me feel a little more happy with my Ridgid experience. To my suprise, they happily oblidged and offered to send me AC5001 - the band saw rip fence. Now, I have heard around here you can do better for a band saw rip fence, but free is free! So, of course, I accepted.

    I asked for the hurk-u-lift caster set for the bandsaw, but she said she couldn't do that. Oh well, it was worth a try.

    Anyways, I just thought people might be interested in my experience.