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    OK, I know it seems as though I am beating a dead horse about the whole router table thing but I went into the local woodsmith store for the first time in years last weekend. (I had a bad experience last time), anyway the new store to say the least is outstanding but I asked one of the sales people because they sell rockler products about the table saw mounted router table and he was trying hard to talk me out of it. He said because of puting all the weight on one side of the saw people were going back to the free standing one's. My question is anyone especially someone that has this router table from rockler did you replace the wing with the router table or just add it on to the end of the wing. I have a TS3612 and the router table measurments are 23.5"X27" that's a little bigger than most.Has anyone ran into any problems doing this, any problem at all.I'm sorry to sound like a broken record talking about this but this forum is probably the best place I've found for good advise.

    Thanks, Jason Griswold

    OK WOOD GOD'S TALK TO ME.........

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    First off---since I've had all three types of router tables (bench, ts wing and dedicated), if you have the shop room, the dedicated is by far the best---if only for having storage room for all you bits, wrenches, etc.

    When I had the router in the ts wing (my saw is the same design as the 3612), I did need some extra support due to weight---and my extension wasn't one of those "weigh-a-ton" tops that Rockler and others sell.

    With my set up, I had the mid-sized Biese' rails, which were perfect for adding a homemade extension table, into which went the router insert.

    Personally, I'd be reluctant to remove a cast iron wing, as you would loose the balance and clamping advantage. Probably not much help, but that was my experience.


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      I have a 3612 also and have mounted the rockler router table on it. I removed the extruded wing on the right side replaced it with the router table. I had to get new bolts so they would be long enough and the holes drilled into the oak framing under the table was a very tight fit, but it did fit and works wonderfully. While it could be a cause a balance problem I have yet to experience any troubles what so ever. If you email me I will send you a picture. I have posted it here before but not everyone could open it.


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        I know that a dedicated table would be the best but I'm runnuing out of wall space for my tools. I have one now and would like to get rid of it and put one in my TS so I could utilize that space for a bandsaw and or full size drill press. Are there any disadvantages to a TS mounted router table??