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ridgid or grizzly?

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  • ridgid or grizzly?

    I've seen alot of posts recommending Grizzly tools but I've also seen a few stating that the quality is poor. Are people buying Grizzly just because of the cheap price? Ridgid is also on the cheap side. Which is a better buy? Does it depend on the tool or are all the products of the same qaulity within each respective dealer? Grizzly seems to be a great value, lots of features for a low price. Of course that means nothing if the qaulity and service is bad. Do all Ridgid tools have a lifetime warranty? And how is the service? Thanks for any help. I posted a similar question on another site so if you come across the same question somewhere else it was probably mine.

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    Tough question here. I have been to a Grizzly showroom and looked over there equipment. Some items have quaility all over them, others we'll I just wasn't sure. Grizzly's service is supposed to be excellent, one service they offer is to provide the name of individuals in your area that have purchased the product you are looking at and you can contact them for an un-biased opinion, neat little service. I was looking at a 15" planer, I was unable to locate the individual who's name I was given, (moved or ?), and finally decided on a Jet. Both machines are very comparable although Grizzly's documentation is superior. I would prefer to support a local dealer anytime I can, this is pretty much why I went with the Jet, all things considered I think the machines are equal. If Ridgid offers what you want, I think that I would go for it, I have the oscilating sander, an old Craftsman table saw that very well could be the grandfather or maybe the father of the TS2424, and am leaning towards a couple of other Ridgid items. There are other posts in this web site as well as others concerning the pro's and cons of various brands of equipment. My theory is simple, #1. Support your local dealer if at all possible. #2. Do your homework, what does this tool need to do now, and in the future, buy up if you have to. #3. Try to talk to people that have used the item, do they like it. #4 Go with your gut, are you comfortable buying this or are you buying it because the price is right or you think you need it. #5 Price, we're all kids when it comes to tools, we want our toys NOW!, but I have learned that price is not always everything, sometimes it's better to save a few more dollars and get that little bit better widgit. Hope these thoughts of a mad man help those that read this stuff.
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