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Transparent Wood Stain

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  • Transparent Wood Stain

    Hi, I just found a stain by Woodburst. They have a great variety of colors: blue, yellow, green and red for signs and kid's toys, etc.

    It is really easy to apply (I used a paper towel), non-toxic, protects the wood and lets the grain show through.

    They also make the usual stain colors and a deck stain.

    For info check out the Woodburst website:

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    Re: Transparent Wood Stain

    Thanks for the link.
    May I suggest that you find a different applicator. You may find that once the finish dries you will notice it is a bit rough to the touch, this may be caused by the paper towel 'shedding' as you wipe on the stain.
    I use lint free cloths or old white cotton dress shirts.


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      Re: Transparent Wood Stain

      Yes, thanks for the tip. The last project was a bird house so I wasn't too worried about lint. But the colors looked really good.