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    Re: Harbour Freight Tools

    I used to think my Makita angle grinder was the best thing on the market. That was until I used a buddies Metabo with the quick change. Now I have 2 of them and I know exactly where they are. I cant even remember where my Makita went.


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      Re: Harbour Freight Tools


      Are you thinking of one much like this angle grinder? They are very different from the H F junk for sure. I have it's father without the quick change feature. So far it's been a very faithful worker for me. Maybe I'll name it "Gerido" which is short for German-Fido.
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        Re: Harbour Freight Tools

        Your results may vary but here's a list of stuff that I've gotten at Harbor Freight that has served me well;

        1. 40073 ¼" Crown Stapler**
        2. 44914 ¼" Trim Router**
        3. 45378 2HP Dust Collector**
        4. 93656 Pin Nailer**
        5. 05645 Magnetic Base**
        6. 05926 Feather Board
        7. 33279 Push Stick
        8. 34214 Angle Finder
        9. 36697 Feather Board
        10. 94138 Wand Metal Detector**
        11. 44566 8" Dado Blade Set**
        12. 36842 High Volume Air Duster Gun
        13. 41891 Tire Inflater With Gauge
        14. 42986 Bench Grinder Pedestal Stand
        15. 34387 6" Bar Clamp**
        16. 05975 12" Bar Clamp**
        17. 31264 18" Bar Clamp
        18. 04067 3-Way Edge Clamp**
        19. 31255 ¾" Pipe Clamp (Some good & some bad, 50/50)
        20. 95746 Third Hand Work Support**
        21. C-Clamp, All Sizes**
        22. 03629 7 Piece Forstner Bit Set
        23. 35873 29 Piece Brad Point Bit Set
        24. 30756 7-Function Multitester**
        25. 41558 Magnetic Light
        26. 43430 HVLP Spray Gun**
        27. 41796 1lb Neon Dead Blow Hammer**
        28. 37861 T-Handle SAE Hex Key Set
        29. 37861 T-Handle Metric Hex Key Set
        30. 47257 6" Digital Caliper**
        31. 90007 SAE Ratcheting Wrench Set
        32. 90008 Metric Ratcheting Wrench Set
        33. 42305 9 Piece Metric Box Wrench Set
        34. 00659 Magnetic Parts Dish
        35. 01939 Magnetic Extra Hand
        36. 03163 600# Hand Truck Dolly
        37. 38392 Pocket Style Magnetic Pick-Up Tool
        38. 42288 Magnetic Pick-Up Tool
        39. 40189 Anti-Fatigue Mat
        40. 43768 Noise Reduction Ear Muffs
        41. 93290 Siphon Pump
        42. 00623 1" Dial Indicator**
        43. 00621 Spring Loaded Pumch
        ** These tool in my opinion are true Harbor Freight Gems and are well worth the money and in most cases worth more when bought on sale.

        Here's a list of stuff that I've gotten that I wished I would have passed on. Again, YRMV.

        1. 42685 HD Soldering Gun
        2. 07535 ¼" Swivel Connector
        3. 36797 Air Pressure Valve
        4. 05976 24" Bar Clamp
        5. 34388 36" Bar Clamp
        6. 38661 Corner Clamp
        7. 00527 Silver & Deming Drill Bit Set
        8. 38336 Drill Stop Set
        9. 42191 Drill Socket Extensions
        10. 36221 Drill Press Lock Clamp (Works OK But I Never Use It)
        11. 47791 Air Brush Kit
        12. 39273 Japanese Flush Cut Saw
        13. 04807 Mini Pliers Set
        14. 01341 Wire Wheel & Cup Brush Set
        15. 04476 Rotary Rasp Set
        16. 07520 5 Piece File Set
        17. 47708 1"x15' Ratcheting Tie Down Strap
        18. 47727 1"x6' Cambuckle Tie Down Strap
        19. 91301 Safety Glasses
        20. 92887 Sharpening Stone Set
        21. 93493 1"x6" Ratcheting Tie Down Strap
        22. 94012 2"x6" Cambuckle Tie Down Strap

        Pretty obvious that I have way to much free time on my hands today huh?
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        I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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          Re: Harbour Freight Tools

          I bought their pneumatic frame nailer and roofing nailer for use in building my workshop. Over 5,000 nails later they both worked well. I would go more expensive, and lighter, if I was in the framing or roofing business, but for ~$100.00 each it was a great investment for my limited use.


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            Re: Harbour Freight Tools

            About 2 years ago I bought the only item I have got from HF that's been any good to me. It's an automotive battery carbon pile load tester which is a copy of this one. The quality isn't as good as the name brand product, but it's not all that bad and at $60 I couldn't hold back and just walk out so I got it. I can't seem to find them anymore in the H F catalog or online. My guess is they weren't making enough profit on them.

            Update: I forgot that I picked up one of these for a friend that works at a local tire dealer. He said it's done him well, but then look at the picture carefully and you'll understand why. This was needed on a Saturday morning and H F was near to where he works so that's why it came from them.
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              Re: Harbour Freight Tools

              I have a HF lathe that I have been using for a couple of years and have not had any complaints about it yet. The turning tools they sell needed a lot of sharpening to make them work well, but they also have work well. Thier hand tools are not good I have broken a number of the Pittsburg wrenches on farm machinery. I stick to Craftsman handtools now. I have a Ridgid tablesaw, planer, jointer and bandsaw and they are all great.


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                Re: Harbour Freight Tools

                Just remembered, I bought a rolling car jack from them for my son last Christmas, it would not stay up under a load. So, we took it back and exchanged it for another one and it didn't stay up. So we returned it and brought a Craftsman. The Craftsman is still going strong.


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                  Re: Harbour Freight Tools

                  i have there impack sockets have not broke them yet only bad thing is the sizing stamping but i took a paint marker to them fill them in and wiped off the extra now real easy to read


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                    Re: Harbour Freight Tools

                    If you haven't already gone to Horrible, er Harbor Freight to buy that 4.5 inch grinder. Think Wally World instead. I bought one of the B&D 4.5 inch grinders in the fall of 2003 for like $29. They run just fine. Are a little more $$ than the HF stuff, but they don't have the vibration problems others have noted. I'd really like to buy a good Milwaukee or Metabo 4.5 grinder, but don't use one daily to justify spending that amount of money. With that said, I have used that B&D a lot and have used it to grind off welds and cut channel and angle iron and rebar and really put it thru its paces so it's gotten some hard use and still holds up. Don't ever ever ever buy a HF cut off wheel. They tend to grenade on you and that is NOT fun. Go to Home Despot and buy the skinny little Norton cutoff wheels for like $1.60 or whatever. They last and don't blow up. Forney's are great too if you can find them, but hardly anybody's heard of Forney stuff lately (except, I'm sure,Woussko has). Anyway, good luck with getting a grinder you like.
                    Jim Don
                    PS as soon as money allows, I'm going to buy 2-3 more of the B&D grinders. That way, I can have one with a cutoff disk, one with a grinding disk, one with a wire wheel, and one with a flap disk. It saves a lot of set up time.


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                      Re: Harbour Freight Tools


                      Wasn't Forney a company that marketed WINCO generators and also a line of arc welding products? I may be off as in my older years my mind is going bum. LOL - I remember them from a place that I really miss "CT Farm and Family" and Sandy had one of them not far from her. I did too but they are long gone now. (C T = Central Tractor)

                      As for the angle grinders, I hate the H F stuff and the wheels are not safe. Norton are USA made and have to meet safety standards the imports don't.

                      Maybe this will get you into a Milwaukee angle grinder. They may claim to be reconditioned but it's done by Milwaukee techs and most are really brand new but were scratched up or floor samples.
                      I bet someone will find better prices on them.

                      If you can find the old Ridgid R1000 they were made by Metabo under a special contract. The newer Ridgid R1001 is TTI and I really don't think I want one of them.

                      Jim, Save up some $$$ and buy a really good one. You'll see there is a difference and most likely you'll never need to replace it. It's not that hard to change wheels if you have a good spindle wrench (thin head tappet type) and a good spanner wrench for the nut.
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                        Re: Harbour Freight Tools

                        I knew that old howling hound would know what Forney was. Yes, arc welding equipment, clamps and all types of grinding media. Some day I should tell you about my welders.
                        Jim Don


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                          Re: Harbour Freight Tools


                          I'll be waiting to read about them. It would not surprise me too much if they had a row of heavy duty jacks where to select the current you change where the welding cable plugs into them. The Grounding cable most likely is hard wired but I have seen them with jacks too. A retired farmer that's now in his 90s and not able to do much work had a very wild old AC Arc welder with no name on it. If someone saw it today they would think it was home made, but it actually was factory built. I don't remember the name but that old boy would really buzz away. For only 150 Amps max, it was a monster of over 300 pounds of laminated iron and copper wire. The 500% duty cycle kind of over built.


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                            Re: Harbour Freight Tools

                            They have some decent turning tools, I have a set that needed as much sharpening as expensive turning tools.


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                              Re: Harbour Freight Tools

                              Originally posted by JimDon View Post

                              PS as soon as money allows, I'm going to buy 2-3 more of the B&D grinders. That way, I can have one with a cutoff disk, one with a grinding disk, one with a wire wheel, and one with a flap disk. It saves a lot of set up time.
                              I thought I would let you in on a deal that should be hitting HD stores this week or next. There is a buy one get one free deal for the Ryobi 4.5" grinder. They are packaged together as a special deal and the price is $39.95 for the two. I meant to bring home the SKU number from work today so other can check if their HD has some in stock but i forgot.


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                                Re: Harbour Freight Tools

                                My rule of thumb on HF tools depends on the amount of use I think it will get.

                                If I'm going to use the tool daily/weekly/or even monthly I'll usually buy quality.

                                If it's something I may only use twice a year, HF is a good option. I've had a grinder that lasted me for many years with quite a bit of use though.