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Economical metal detector?

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  • Economical metal detector?

    I searched the posts and saw several years back that Harbor Freight had a good dectector wand really cheap. They are no longer carrying it but have a Cen-tech wand on sale for $30. Anybody used it? Anyone have another inexpensive one to recommend?



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    Re: Economical metal detector?

    As far as I know, the Cen-tech wand is the only one HF has ever had. I bought one when they first came out and have been happy with it. One possible drawback with it for some, although it hasn't been for me yet, is that it will only scan about 1" deep. Other than that, it works just fine.
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      Re: Economical metal detector?

      Best way I have found is to put a new blade on my TS. The more expensive the blade, the bigger the nail it will find.

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        Re: Economical metal detector?


        I just purchased the Cen-Tech from Harbor Freight last week for $24.99 (on sale). It seems to work fine. I used it on some 4x4's sitting atop a 2x6 attached to metal saw horses. It detected the metal in the saw horses 5" to 5 1/2" below!

        Harbor Freight does have another metal detector. It is not a wand type, but the disc type for detecting metal in the ground. It has an adjustable handle that will shorten to make it more like a wand type. It's about $40.00.