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  • ts 3650 dust collection

    If this has already been discussed, I apologize for not being clever enough to have found it.

    I have a dust collector attached to the table saw, and it does a good job with the chute from the shroud around the blade, but it wasn't until I cut some MDF last night that I realized how much dust got thrown out through the front of the blade guard. It was like a big fan blowing flour all over.

    The question for those of you who haven't removed the blade guard: have you found a satisfactory was to capture the dust the comes through the blade guard?

    It matters because I do my woodworking in the basement and there is virtually no air circulation down there.


    Dan Raessler

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    Re: ts 3650 dust collection

    MDF by its very nature creates more dust than real wood so you won't be able to eliminate all of the sawdust created when cutting it. The easiest and most effective solution would be to replace the stock throat plate with a zero clearance throat plate. Not only will that help in keeping the dust down on the saws table top but it also greatly reduces the chances of tearout when ripping or crosscutting.

    You can make your own ZCI's or buy ready made ones. A Search using ZCI as you search subject will bring up many threads about how to make you own. I just received an email this AM for Peachtree(no affiliation) and they are having a buy two get one free ZCI sale.
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      Re: ts 3650 dust collection

      Thanks for the suggestion. I bought a piece of hardwood a few weeks ago to make a couple of zero-clearance inserts but just haven't gotten around to it. Obviously, that will be the next thing I do when go back down there. I'll also check the website you mentioned.