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    I have a 2424 table saw. I am about to install a central dust collector system. The main duct will be 6". My question is, when I enclose the base of my table saw should I make a 4" or a 5" outlet under the saw for the most effective dust and chip control? thanks.

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    I beleive that the most common size you can get would be the 4", so that is what I would go with. (4" with dust collector moves a lot of material) 4" connectors are also available at most wood shops. Also, you don't want the branches almost the same size as the main line because you need to maintain a certain amount of vacuum in the system. (for more than one tool running if necessary)


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      I agree. I have the cyclone unit from the WOOD magazine plans and use 4" duct. I recommend that you build a vee-shaped trough to mount under the saw. I have a flat panel with a 4" connector. Works Okay, but I have to brush the sawdust build up out of the corner from time to time.

      The vee-trough directs more of the dust to the center. I'll change mine when I finish the other eight projects I'm working on.


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        Mike, I am curious to know if the shop built Cyclone unit is any better than say a Jet collector? The Jet model can be found for about $299 vs. the Wood Magazine unit which they say costs about $375. The Jet unit (on casters with 2 4" hookups as well) also claims to have an 1100cfm rating vs the Cyclone 700 cfm. Just wondering the advantages to the Cyclone unit may be?