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  • Air Filtration System

    What's a good brand? Jet? JDS? or ? Does Ridgid make an air filtration system? Are there any product reviews available?



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    Re: Air Filtration System

    ridgid makes a 2 speed conical shaped air filtration system called the af2100. It has 2 filters. A foam pre filter and a eletratastic bag inner filter. Pushes about 235cfm of air. nice portable system.
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      Re: Air Filtration System

      All the major brands of air filtration systems, Jet, Delta, JDS, PennState, etc., do a good job of filtering air. Pick one that has the features you want and I doubt if you'll be disappointed. I have the Jet AFS-1000B, it does a great job in my basement shop.
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        Re: Air Filtration System

        For what its worth, I was in my local Woodcraft store the other day and asked the same question of one of the folks there. He's the kind of guy that willing to say ah that just too much to spend or that just simply overkill. Of course its simply opinion but he recommended JDS over the Jet of course its probably chevy to ford.

        Anyways the best part of the conversation was when he told me he first attacked shop dust by purchasing a DC for his tools and rigged up the blast gates etc...he said his wife didn't really say much. But when he bought the air filtration system, she piped up and comment on the lack of dust.. He said he stopped coughing after working in the shop. Besides your health there's something to said about that if you shop is your garage or in your basement.

        And of course the added benefit of less noise.
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