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    I am setting up a new shop in my basement in Michigan having just moved from Florida and am looking at adding a 14" band saw to my shop. I have been looking at various saws, Ridgid, Craftsman, Jet, Grizzley and Delta. To say the least I am confused. I would appreciate any help, info and comments from the members of this forum on their band saw experience.

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    I am also looking at bandsaws. I read a review yesterday of all the types you mention plus a couple of others. I applogize for not remembering the mag. Name but I think it was fine wood working (?) anyway this rag picked the ridgid overall for price durability tolerances (this is what impressed me ) +/- 0.000. that not a typo. there was another saw with this tolerance but the price was around 200.00 more. I will try to get you the correct name and post it. I saw this at my local HD.
    good luck and I will be buying the ridgid.


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      It was Fine Woodworking's Tools and Shops issue.



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        got my ridgid bandsaw today. boy was it hard to find since it is a clearance item. i called 43 home depots in the southern california area before finally finding one that has 3 brand new units. i bought one, so they still have 2. this is the home depot in hawthorne, los angeles county, california, just in case somebody's also looking for one in the los angeles / orange county area.


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          Obvious question, but how much was it?


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            the clearance price is $350. there were two other stores that were selling their display units, one for $275 and another for $300 but they didnt look that good.

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              Does anyone know why it is on clearance? I am looking for a 14" bandsaw and have heard the jet 14" and the BS14000 are essentially the same saw. Does anyone know if this is true. Also does anyone have any information on a new Ridgid bandsaw comming out?

              Thanks for any info and any feedback from owners of the BS14000.

              PS I currently own the Ridgid 13" planer and have been very happy with it.


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                <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by skipper:
                Does anyone know why it is on clearance?


                See your own comment about a new band saw below. Probably the reason...

                I am looking for a 14" bandsaw and have heard the jet 14" and the BS14000 are essentially the same saw. Does anyone know if this is true.

                There's a good posibly that they are the same. As was mentioned in a reply by Jake on another post, most cast iron tools which are sold in smaller quantities are made overseas, since it's much more expensive to make them in the US. That being the case, many of these products are actually made by the same Asian factory, with only minor cosmetic changes for each US Tool company.

                From what I've seen, patent laws are rarely enforced in Asia. This leads to a lot of "copycat" products which are identical in nearly every detail. Adding features to make them dissimilar costs money so, most Asian factories don't.



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                  the bandsaw is on clearance right now because of a new model that's coming out next year. the only change i've heard on the new model is a TEFC motor.


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                    Got one today in Virginia for $350 took a lot of discusion